About Us


Lorin Murariu

Principal Architect

Master of Architecture, graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago IL, with an extensive experience with more than 9 years in designs and administration of residential, industrial and commercial projects 


“Our final work is the result of the trust given by our clients to create versatile and functional spaces ... that's why we design the best place for you!”


Yuranis Zambrano-Murariu


Office Director

"For us a satisfied customer is our primary goal. We believe that our customers must have a memorable experience from the first contact".


 We are the fusion of a group of experts with customer orientation that provides specialized architecture and project management services in residential and commercial sectors, thus generating efficient solutions in terms of versatility and functionality in each design, always seeking to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. 


We always maintain our principle of generating trust in everything we do, providing the best quality and responsibility at all times.




In 2023, Lorin Arquitecture Group will expand its participation in the development and execution of architectural projects and project management at local and national level. Always demonstrating our commitment to our clients.


Corporate values

We are Reliable


We like to be true to our principles, so we practice honesty and fulfill our commitments.

We act with Excellence


 We are demanding with ourselves and we commit ourselves in everything we do.

We want to provide a differentiating Service


 Continuous improvement is part of our philosophy, so we always seek to strengthen our competitive advantages so that we can generate memorable experiences and meet the expectations of our customers 

We work as a Team


 We believe that unity is strength, so in our team works in complete harmony with a focus on growth as a whole is paramount. 

We promise Respect and Equality


 We have a relationship of people, we serve all our clients with all the attention and good treatment that everyone deserves equally.

We fulfill what we Promise



Responsibility is the best letter of introduction, that's why we always act under the assertive negotiation guidelines, seeking the optimal management of resources, complying with the established times and always leaving the best result between the cost-benefit ratio of our customers